Homeopathic Consultation Services

Peticare offers a comprehensive range of  animals Homeopathic Consultation Services designed to cater to various aspects of pet care.  Peticare’s consultation services aim to ensure the well-being and happiness of furry family members throughout their lives.

Expertise in Homeopathic Care

Hi my name is Briar and I am the founder of Peticare. I am a seasoned animal homeopath with over 25 years of experience in animal care and 14 years in the homeopathic industry.


Our services span from providing over the counter pre-mixed remedies to full consultation services where we prescribe a homeopathic remedy, give nutrition and supplementation advice, discuss changes that may need to be made to the environment or training and on-going care.


Treatment of acute, chronic, physical and behavioural conditions


Telephone and Zoom consultations and House/farm calls within Wellington region


Our commitment extends beyond just offering remedies; we're your trusted advisors

Remedies and kits

We provide a range of pre-mixed homeopathic and flower essence remedies and kits for your animals.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive energy healing technique that promotes healing, relaxation & overall well-being in animals.

Healy sessions

Healy is a revolutionary device that applies microcurrent and individualised frequencies to support your pet's body's vitality and natural healing processes.

Homeopathic Consultation Pricing
FREE Consultation
15 Minutes Telephone Consultation
Acute Case Consultation
When your animal has sudden onset or short lived conditions. Can be done on Zoom or Telephone or in-person + travel fees*
Initial Consultation - 1 hour
Follow up Consult - 1 hour
Follow up Consult - 30 mins
Chronic Case Consultation
When your animal has long standing complex condition. Can be done on Zoom or Telephone or in-person + travel fees*
Initial consultation - 1 hour
Follow up Consult - 1 hour
Follow up Consult - 30 mins
Others Treatments
Can only be done in-person + travel fees*
One Reiki session - 1 hour
In-person energy healing session
Healy Session Add-on
Healy during Homepathetic consultation
Healy session - 1 hour
In-person Frequency Healy sessions
Healy session distance Add-on

Our Consultation fees vary depending on the time and work put in and the complications of the case

Follow-ups: are recommended in all chronic cases whether the remedy has helped or not. A follow up appointment consists of a re-evaluation of the case including treatment and remedies required. Any initial consultation will include some support via email or text following.

For house and farm calls a mileage fee will likely be applied. This will depend on whether I am in the area anyway, how far I have to travel etc. This can be discussed when booking an appointment.

I may need to courier a remedy out to you after the consult, there may be a courier fee of about $6 or I may order remedies for you from the homeopathic pharmacy and they will invoice you directly or you can pick up from them.


I have been using Briars Peticare range on my frenchies for over 8 years now and I love using homeopathy for my pets. We have used the bully remedy and a calming remedy and surgery remedy after any of my pets had surgery. They responded really well to all! I often contact Briar for remedy advice or support with my animals, as I know she has a lot of knowledge about all animal health and welfare.

Tammy Green


My wee 3 1/2 month old pug woke one morning with an ulcer on her eye. We are not sure what coursed the injury and immediately took her to our local vet. We were told it was very serious and that she may lose the eye, and that treatment would be to hit it hard. After three days of intense treatment we took her back and they were not happy as there was no improvement. Talked about eye specialist and removing the eye again. We were not happy with that and said we would not be making that decision this early on. I went on fb and asked for help in the NZ pug community and someone recommended you. We are so glad they did as her eye has improved and Lulu is almost back to herself again. Would highly recommended alternative care.

Christine / Pug Owner


Online Appointment Booking

Please complete the below form to request a call back, after sumbiting the form you will receive an email, please check your spam or junkmail. We will contact you to arrange an appointment to discuss further. We cannot guarantee to contact you at your preferred date and time. However if we are unavailable, we will reach out to you to arrange an alternative time and date.

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