About the Founder

Hi my name is Briar and I am the founder of Peticare. I am a seasoned animal homeopath with over 25 years of experience in animal care and 14 years in the homeopathic industry. Prior to my homeopathic journey, I worked as a qualified horse trainer and riding instructor, among other roles. I have experience working in different homeopathic settings, having worked at Simillimum homeopathic pharmacy for many years in remedy production and advising customers on remedies and supplements. 
Additionally, I contributed my expertise at Naturopharm as a sales representative, training pharmacy and shop staff in homeopathy. Presently, I share my knowledge as a tutor and lecturer at the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy, where I educate and support students on becoming proficient animal homeopaths. I’ve been an active part of the homeopathic industry, expanding my knowledge and expertise alongside my work at Peticare. 

About Peticare

Our Story

Peticare has its roots in Briar's passion for homeopathy, sparked by her own healing experiences. Years of working closely with animals and her genuine connection to their well-being inspired her to share the benefits of homeopathy with her animal companions. As she pursued her studies and engaged in consultations, Briar witnessed the remarkable effects of homeopathic remedies. These experiences motivated her to create Peticare's over-the-counter remedies, making the gentle magic of homeopathy accessible to animals everywhere.

Our Mission

Our mission at Peticare is to help owners enhance the wellbeing and health of their animals and provide knowledge and support for owners during this process.

How We Started

Established in 2013. Over the last 10 years I have been slowly building up Peticare, alongside my other homeopathic roles which have allowed me to keep learning and developing my expertise. Peticare has been dedicated to providing exceptional care and support for animals across New Zealand. Over the years, we've had the privilege of serving numerous clients, each with their own unique and beloved animal companions.

Our Location

Our warehouse in Wellington, combined with remote operations that forms an efficient and cost-effective setup. This allows us to deliver services that are not only environmentally conscious but also highly streamlined for the benefit of our customers. Our remedies are available worldwide through the online store and in various retail stores throughout NZ.

Our Speciality

At Peticare, we specialise in animal homeopathy, a holistic approach to healthcare that harnesses the body's innate healing capabilities. Briar's deep love and care for animals and her commitment to this natural and effective method sets us apart in the field of animal wellness.

Peticare remedies suit a variety of animals and pets

Handcrafted.. made with love!

Peticare remedies are made using many years of knowledge and expertise, each remedy is meticulously researched with every ingredient carefully considered.

Why Choose Peticare

At Peticare we provide  Natural and Safe Solutions: Our remedies are crafted from natural ingredients and prepared with the utmost care. They are gentle, safe, and suitable for animals of all sizes and species.

Personalised Care

We understand that every animal is unique. Our approach begins with in-depth consultations to understand your animal’s individual needs, allowing us to tailor our homeopathic remedies to their specific constitution.

Proven Effectiveness

Our remedies are carefully selected based on the principles of homeopathy, with a focus on addressing a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioral concerns. We believe in the power of nature to promote healing and balance.

Comprehensive Support

Beyond providing remedies, we offer ongoing support and guidance. We work closely with you to monitor your animal’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to their treatment plan.

Holistic Well-being

We prioritise the overall well-being of your pet, considering not only their physical health but also their emotional & mental state. This approach ensures a higher quality of life for your pet.

New Zealand made & owned

Supporting New Zealand-made products not only guarantees quality and authenticity but also contributes to local economies, promotes sustainability, and aligns with eco-conscious consumer values.

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working with Animals
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Our Happy Clients!


“Our cat Puti has been really good (I know – surprising isn’t it!). She’s 21 in December. When she had a cystitis episode, I gave her the remedy and she was right within an hour, magic! So thank you so much – clearly this is the perfect remedy for her. I have told many of my friends about you and this success story; so hopefully they too will give Homeopathic treatment a try!”

Lynda Mountfort

Client Consultation

“Wow Briar you’re an animal angel! Tabs has been so scared of Luna (the dog) since she arrived, she just runs, the flight instinct has been too strong. So I’ve been giving her your Bully remedy. Now she is on my lap in the lounge for the first time with Luna behind us, she did stop purring but that was all & earlier she came into the lounge & ate food. The difference is amazing! Thank you so much. “

Tina Budd

Client Consultation

My little dog was starting to itch and scratch like mad one weekend. Briar suggested that it may be reactions to wandering jew plant which grow prolifically around my neighborhood. Briar suggested the Tradescantia remedy along with the healing balm, and it worked wonders! He has stopped the scratching and is back to his cheeky self again. Thanks!”

Stella Alba

Client consultation

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